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With over 7 years of experience as private mortgage lenders in Calgary, we’re the best option to get your dream home or investment property.

Our experience in mortgage origination and lending gives us an edge in the industry that has allowed us to deliver over 300 sophisticated solutions to families and individuals just like you.

We know exactly what lenders are looking for and that allows us to package your application in just the right way so they cannot say no to us. Get a K5 mortgage — we apply our industry insight and skills to significantly increase your chance of becoming the owner of your dream home or investment property.

Use a Private Mortgage to Become a Better Investor

Manulife One

The best product on a marketplace. A mortgage broker can get you the sophisticated solution you deserve!

Mortgage Renewals

A perfect time for a second opinion. Explore your options on rates, terms and features.


Let us show you how to get ahead and have your money work harder for you.

Improve your credit

To become a sophisticated borrower and investor, you need great credit. Take advantage of our highly skilled team and learn how to boost your credit score!

Private Lending

Sophisticated investors understand how to leverage private lending - let us teach you more.

First Time Home Buyers

We understand how confusing and frustrating dealing with banks can be - understand your options!

Smith Manoeuvre

Available for Elites only:

Convert your non-tax deductible debt into huge tax savings. Start investing earlier for a better retirement and increase your net worth by at least $450,000.

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K5 Mortgage | Expert Brokers & Private Mortgage Lenders in Calgary

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