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Konstantin Kuligin Owner of K5 Mortgage Corp
Konstantin Kuligin Owner of K5 Mortgage Corp

About Konstantin Kuligin

Konstantin Kuligin is a Russian-Canadian entrepreneur, father, husband, mortgage broker/lender, and business owner. His 15 years of business experience (7 years in lending/financial services) has allowed him to assist his clients in situations where nobody else could offer any help. A natural problem solver and a creative thinker, Konstantin is a go-getter that does not take “no” for an answer. He fights for clients’ success and provides amazing financial solutions to both his borrowers and investors. He likes reading, golf, travel and educating himself on all aspects of investing and lending. When he is not traveling between the conferences and clients meetings he enjoys spending time with his son and a lovely wife. Having an Engineering degree in Land Cadastral from Russia, allowing him to navigate in the complex solutions with ease and joy – he shifted his way into financial space calling himself a “Financial Engineer” now. He likes mentoring young entrepreneurs and business owners through his exclusive group www.CashflowBusiness.Club. Being a big supporter of microlending charity (
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